Intel® Distribution of OpenNESS

Simplified and Flexible Edge Deployments

Explore Intel® Distribution of OpenNESS. Built from the ground up as a highly modular, cloud native, and microservices based architecture, the Intel® Distribution of OpenNESS addresses the needs of cloud, telco, and enterprise edge solutions in a single toolkit.

  • Integrated Kubernetes control and orchestration
  • Support for enhanced platform awareness (EPA) including core pinning, huge pages, node feature discovery, Multus, and more
  • RESTful APIs for configuration and control
  • Multi-access connectivity (RAN and 5G core)
  • Offload to hardware accelerators for inferencing, media analytics, and RAN acceleration
  • Cloud adapters for Amazon Greengrass and Baidu cloud
  • Flexible dataplane options including OVN/OVS, OVS DPDK, Calico, and SRIOV
  • Sample reference applications 
  • Platform telemetry using collectd with support for Promethus, Grafana, and Telemetry Aware Scheduler
  • Modular Ansible playbooks and Helm chart support 
  • Support for either container or virtual machine deployments

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