Running Intel® Smart Edge Open with Azure IoT Hub

Talk: Running Intel® Smart Edge Open with Azure IoT Hub

Abstract: Intel® Smart Edge Open (previously known as OpenNESS) is a royalty-free edge computing toolkit that can be deployed at on-premise or network edge locations to deliver vertical focused edge services for smart cities, connected cars, industrial, retail, healthcare, agriculture and many more. In this meetup, Purvi Thakkar will focus on network edge cloud service provided by Microsoft through “Azure Edge Zones”. Azure Edge Zones is a composite service which includes various Azure services like IoT Hub, VM Instances, Function Apps, Logic Apps, and many more. In this meetup session, Purvi will demonstrate the following by walking through the steps in an article:

1. Deploy a SEO two node cluster on Azure VM Instances using SE Azure Devkit

2. Configure and register the SEO edge node as an Azure IoT Hub edge device

3. Deploy a simulated temperature sensor module from Azure market place onto to the SEO edge device on IoT Hub

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When: August 18, 4PM PST

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BIOS: Purvi Thakkar is a product manager in the edge segment team at Intel and has more than 20 years of experience working across verticals like industrial, healthcare, automotive, telecom & primarily data center. She has grown over the ranks from a software engineer to engineering management before she moved on to product management. In her current role, she is responsible for driving adoption of Intel® Smart Edge Open amongst the developer community, enable commercial ISVs who wish to monetize at the edge, and also responsible for driving trials and deployments for various edge use cases across verticals using Intel® Smart Edge Open on Intel® architecture.