OpenNESS 21.03 Release

We are happy to announce the latest release!

OpenNESS 21.03 can be downloaded here


Updated Access Edge Experience Kit

Streamline your Radio Access Network (RAN) deployment with the updated access edge experience kit. Now updated with support for 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the Intel® vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100 for Forward Error Correction (FEC) acceleration, and the Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 with Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP) for optimized fronthaul and mid-haul networking. The access edge experience kit is now available as part of the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.

Features & Capabilities

EMCO Support for HPA

Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration (EMCO) now supports Hardware Platform Awareness (HPA) for fine-grained matching of workloads to platform capabilities. HPA combined with Node Feature Discovery (NFD) allows the discovery of key platform capabilities like huge pages, PCIe devices and processor capabilities to be published as available platform resources in Kubernetes. EMCO uses the detailed information from HPA to optimize workload placement, ensure efficient resource utilization by microservices, and deliver more deterministic application performance.

CentOS 7.9 and Updated Linux Kernel

OpenNESS 21.03 supports the latest CentOS 7.9 release which includes a number of important package updates and an updated Linux 3.10 kernel. CentOS 7.9 is the last minor release of CentOS 7. A real-time patch for the Linux kernel is available for RAN and other latency sensitive and time critical workloads.

Experience Kits

SD-WAN Experience Kit

An enterprise ready reference architecture to streamline software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) deployments with OpenNESS for both edge node and hub configurations. With the SD-WAN Experience Kit you can connect multiple branch offices or edge clusters easily and securely using the public internet and avoiding the need for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or a dedicated network. The SD-WAN Experience Kit is available in the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.

5G Private Wireless Experience Kit

Our 5G Private Wireless Experience Kit provides a complete set of documentation, scripts, and tools needed to setup and configure a deployment hosting RAN, Core, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads in a single universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) form factor. The 5G Private Wireless Experience Kit is available in the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.

Access Edge Experience Kit

A network ready reference architecture to simplify RAN DU deployments at the access edge. With the updated Access Edge Experience Kit, you can integrate FEC acceleration using either the Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000 or the new Intel® vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100. The latest Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 is now supported with an optimized DDP configuration for fronthaul and mid-haul networking. The Access Edge Experience Kit is available in the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.