OpenNESS 20.12 Release

We are happy to announce the latest release!

OpenNESS 20.12 can be downloaded here


OpenNESS Devkit Now Available on Microsoft Azure

Jump start your development of application for OpenNESS with the new devkit configuration on Microsoft Azure. Select from a few simple options and you can begin developing and testing your applications for the edge quickly and easily.

OpenNESS 20.12 can be downloaded here

Features & Capabilities

Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration (EMCO)

Introducing a powerful new option for automating and managing application & network-service life-cycle management across multiple edges. EMCO enables the deployment of applications and services to geographically separated edge clusters through a ‘single pane of glass’ and can be used to monitor, set policy, and selectively deploy based on specific cluster configurations.

Edge WAN Overlay for Uniform Networking

Addressing the complexities of modern networks that potentially span across different clouds, hybrid clouds, and private networks, edge WAN overlay provides an abstraction of the underlying networks and exposes a uniform way to configure and manage them as if they were a single network.

Optional Offline Installation

Developed to enable embedded deployments and installations where internet connectivity is limited or not available. Common examples include IOT use cases and remote edge nodes where high-speed connectivity may be impractical.

New CentOS and Linux Kernel

OpenNESS now supports CentOS 7.8 which includes important new security improvements and an updated Linux 3.10 kernel. A real-time patch for the Linux kernel is available for RAN and other time critical applications.

Use Cases and Applications

CERA for 5G Private Wireless

Our Converged Edge Reference Architecture (CERA) for 5G Private Wireless provides a complete set of documentation, scripts, and tools needed to setup and configure a deployment hosting RAN, Core, and AI workloads in a single uCPE form factor. CERA solutions are included in the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.


An enterprise ready Converged Edge Reference Architecture to streamline SD-WAN deployments with OpenNESS for both edge node and hub configurations. With CERA for SD-WAN you can connect multiple branch offices or edge clusters easily and securely using the public internet and avoiding the need for MPLS or a dedicated network. CERA solutions are included in the Intel Distribution of OpenNESS.