OpenNESS 20.06 Release

We are happy to announce the latest release!

OpenNESS 20.06 can be downloaded here


Intel® Distribution of Open Network Edge Services Software

Introducing the Intel® Distribution of Open Network Edge Services Software (Intel Distribution of OpenNESS) with enhanced features and optimizations to harness the full potential of Intel architectures for on premises and network edge use cases. Learn more

OpenNESS 20.06 can be downloaded here

Features & Capabilities

Inferencing at the Network Edge

Introducing inference capabilities at the network edge with support for Visual Cloud Accelerator Card-Analytics (VCAC-A) PCIe accelerator cards. The VCAC-A card supports hardware accelerated, end-to-end video decode and inference pipelines for workloads such as object recognition, car/pedestrian/bicycle detection and tracking.

eBPF for Optimized CPU Utilization

Support for extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) for minimizing kernel overhead resulting in latency gains and a higher packet throughput rate. Realize optimal CPU utilization and reduce kernel overhead without rewriting your applications.

Telemetry Service

Collect and monitor platform information with the new telemetry service. Features in this release include capabilities to monitor resource utilization and platform state as well as features to expose EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness) telemetry data to Kubernetes.

Simplified Application Bundling with Helm Charts

Introducing Helm Charts to package and deploy applications easier and faster with OpenNESS. Helm Charts make it easier to upgrade to a new version of the OpenNESS toolkit and make modular adoption of functional blocks seamless.

Use Cases and ApplicationsWhat's New

Get more from your Transcoding Applications with OpenNESS

Release 20.06 introduces a new transcoding microservice to accelerate media processing for edge deployments and CDN applications. Transcoding is currently optimized for Intel CPUs and will be enhanced to take advantage of hardware accelerators in future releases.

Edge Analytics for Industrial Applications with OpenNESS

OpenNESS now supports Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial and manufacturing applications. Edge Insights for Industrial supports data collection, storage, and analytics across a variety of nodes and platforms. Combining Edge Insights for Industrial and OpenNESS enables industrial deployments to leverage the analytics of Edge Insights for Industrial along with the enhanced networking and accelerator support available with OpenNESS.