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OpenNESS 19.09 released

Announcing OpenNESS version 19.09, the second release of our Open Network Edge Services Software. OpenNESS 19.09 introduces several new features that build upon the foundational capabilities introduced in our initial release. The first major feature is Open Virtual Networking and Open Virtual switch (OVN/OVS) data plane support. This brings an industry standard data plane to edge platforms, but also provides standard SDN flow configuration for the edge data plane. Next, OpenNESS 19.09 now supports Intel Movidius based HDDL accelerators (high density deep learning) to improve inferencing and image recognition on edge platforms. Along with HDDL, OpenNESS 19.09 supports the Open Visual Cloud (OVC) Smart City application to help simplify deployment of image processing on edge platforms. Finally, OpenNESS 19.09 introduces improved inter-application communications, enhanced cloud adapters, and adds support for an edge node controller gateway to improve network routing.


  • Asynchronous method for image download to avoid timeout


  • Support for OVN/OVS based Dataplane and network overlay for Network Edge (based on Kubernetes)


  • Support for running Amazon Green grass cores as an OpenNESS application with OVN/OVS as Dataplane and network overlay
  • Support for Inter-App comms
  • Support for OVS-DPDK or Linux bridge or Default interface for inter-Apps communication for OnPrem deployment


  • Support for HDDL-R accelerator for interference in container environment for OnPrem deployment


  • Early Access Support for Open Visual Cloud (OVC) based Smart City App on OpenNESS OnPrem
  • Support for Dynamic use of VPU or CPU for Inference


  • Support for Edge node and OpenNESS Controller gate way to support route-ability


  • OpenNESS Architecture (update)
  • OpenNESS Support for OVS as dataplane with OVN
  • Open Visual Cloud Smart City Application on OpenNESS - Solution Overview
  • Using Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X High Density Deep Learning (HDDL) solution in OpenNESS
  • OpenNESS How-to Guide (update)