Accelerate Your Edge Performance with OpenNESS Data Plane CNIs

You are invited to join the our next meetup that is part of the Edge Developer MeetUp Series hosted by the Intel Corporation on Wednesday June 9th 5pm PST.

Talk: Accelerate Your Edge Performance with OpenNESS Data Plane CNIs

Abstract : Edge is exploding with opportunities. You are faced with exceeding network demand – higher throughput and at the same time minimal and deterministic latency. This presentation you are going to go through the OpenNESS high performance Data Plane CNIs – SR-IOV, DPDK CNI plug-ins. You will see the benefits are multifold – both in service chaining – East – West traffic as well as network reach – North – South. We will touch briefly default kernel networking such as Calico and Flannel, however the focus is on high performance Data Plane CNIs. For a given performance, you will achieve cores preserving with high performance Data Plane CNIs.

When: Wednesday June 9 - 5PM PST

Watch recording of the event: HERE

BIOS: Muthurajan Jayakumar (M Jay) has worked with the DPDK team from 2009 onwards. Recently working on K8s, 5G and NFV/SDN. M Jay holds 21 US Patents, both individually and jointly, all issued while working in Intel. M Jay was awarded the Intel Achievement Award in 2016, Intel's highest honor based on innovation and results. Author of DPDK cookbook