Edge Developer MeetUp Series Invitation

You are invited to join the first meetup that is part of the Edge Developer MeetUp Series hosted by the Intel Corporation on Tuesday Feb 23rd 4pm PST.

Talk: OpenNESS (Open Network Edge Services Software) Overview

Abstract : This session will help developers get a jump start on Intel OpenNESS - an edge computing software toolkit that enables highly optimized and performant edge platforms to on-board and manage applications and network functions with cloud-like agility across any type of network. Based on a cloud-native architecture, OpenNESS capabilities can be consumed in a modular manner as functional building blocks/experience kits or as a complete platform for optimizing networking workloads at the edge. OpenNESS offers value to all kinds of Developers - Infrastructure, Application and DevOps to accelerate their Go-To-Market and provide edge services across diverse verticals like industrial, retail, smart cities, media and entertainment, etc. It simplifies networking for developers by abstracting out the underlying network complexity, brings out the best features of underlying Intel ingredients and technologies, to help our partners and customer deliver to the required SLAs (service level agreements). Please join this meet up to explore OpenNESS for your edge innovations.

When: Tuesday Feb 23
4PM PST, 5PM MST, 6PM Central, 7PM EST

Watch recording of the event: HERE

BIOS: Muthurajan Jayakumar (M Jay) has worked with the DPDK team from 2009 onwards. Recently working on K8s, 5G and NFV/SDN. M Jay holds 21 US Patents, both individually and jointly, all issued while working in Intel. M Jay was awarded the Intel Achievement Award in 2016, Intel's highest honor based on innovation and results. Author of DPDK cookbook software.intel.com/en-us/article/get-the-dpdk-cookbook

Purvi Thakkar is an OpenNESS Product Manager in the Edge Segment team at Intel. She helps developers innovate and build new applications at the edge using OpenNESS – an opensource MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) Toolkit.