Managing Azure IoT with Intel® Smart Edge

Talk: Managing Azure IoT with Intel® Smart Edge

Abstract: Edge computing is revolutionizing today's world by enabling intelligent workloads to be deployed to remote locations sometimes inaccessible to humans. In this session Phillip Richardson will walk us through the process of deploying VMs with Intel® Smart Edge, registering a device with Azure IoT hub, and deploying modules from the Azure portal. This presentation is to showcase Azure IoT edge services running on top of the Intel® Smart Edge software platform. By deploying virtualized Azure IoT devices as an entire service-chain orchestration a user can deploy more complex topology to an edge device.

When: July 15 - 4pm PST

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BIOS: Phillip Richardson's programming journey started with his father who found a web programming course for him that sparked a curiosity for computers. He studied undergrad in Nashville, Tennessee where he worked in commercial radio for a few years before moving to Atlanta and becoming a web developer. As a full stack engineer he learned several computer languages which now help him in his current role as a software engineer. He currently works on the applications engineering team at Intel, where the goal is to integrate various applications onto the Smart Edge platform.