SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
Copyright (c) 2020 Intel Corporation

Edge Cloud Deployment with 3GPP 5G Non Stand Alone

Edge Compute is highlighted as a key deployment mechanism for delivering services to end users by placing applications closer to the user. Network and Enterprise operators are trying to take advantage of this advancement to provide low latency, user centric and secure edge services.

OpenNESS supports edge compute deployment for LTE Control and User Plane Separation(CUPS) as described in[OpenNESS_EPC] and 5G Stand Alone as described in [OpenNESS_NGC]. 5G can be deployed in five different deployment options as described in [3GPP 23.799][3GPP_23799], where SA (Stand Alone) options consist of only one generation of radio access technology and NSA (Non Stand Alone) options consist of two generations of radio access technologies (4G LTE and 5G). The early deployments of 5G will be adopting either NSA option 3 or standalone option 2 as the standardization of these two options have already been completed. The focus of this paper is towards the edge deployment using the 5G NSA Option-3 deployment and how OpenNESS supports those deployment models.

More details on the Edge Cloud Deployment with 3GPP 5G Non Stand Alone is available under Intel® Distribution of OpenNESS.