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New Features for Edge Innovation with OpenNESS 20.06

Enterprises across various industries are shifting more compute to the edge to gain enhanced insights for their businesses. As this happens, edge software and tools play an important role to help developers streamline workflows, meet edge KPIs (e.g., latency, bandwidth, data locality/privacy) and speed deployment of edge platforms and services.

The Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) – a multi-access edge computing (MEC) software toolkit – is one of those tools that helps ... Show More

Unleashing Cloud and IOT Developer Ecosystem on the Edge with Easy “Network” Button

The industry is in the midst of a perfect storm. We must support billions of devices and things that generate an incredible volume of data, prepare for the imminent arrival of 5G, and continue the multi-year, network transformation process by cloud economics across the network to the intelligent edge. At Intel, we view this wave of innovation as data centric computing with a central goal of unleashing the power of data to fuel new business opportunity and societal good. Data centric computing ... Show More